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Our Passionate Team

EBRWS is powered by a team of
Researchers, Volunteers and passionate engaged citizens.


Meet the Team

Meet the team, passionately driven by the desire to record what matters most
about our Southern Right Whales, to help and protect!

Dr Claire Charlton

Chief Investigator, Biologist,
Primary Data Validator 

Claire Charlton is a marine biologist specialising in cetacean population biology and underwater noise. Claire has co-investigated the long term Southern Right Whale Population Census and Photo Identification Study at Head of Bight since 2009, and is the Project Leader of the GABRWS. Claire has 10 years’ experience in roles with South Australian State Government and private consultancies, undertaking research and environmental impact assessments.

Dr Catherine Kemper

Assistant Investigator, Scientific Advisor, Specialist Cetacean Biologist

Catherine came to Australia from Canada in 1971 and did a PhD at Macquarie University in Sydney (1972–1978).  Between then and her appointment at the South Australian Museum, she worked in Malaysia and Western Australia.  She took up the position of Curator of Mammals in September 1983.  Catherine began her career in Mammalogy with the study of small mammals and in the late 1980s embarked on research on marine mammals, especially cetaceans.

Alia Al-Humaidhi

EBRWS Coordinator, Marine Fisheries
Data Analyst, Research Scientist

Alia attained her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Aquatic Biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Followed by her Master of Science (M.S.) in Marine Biology and Marine Policy at Main University. Alia is a scientist and puzzle solver who has experience both in the field and behind a computer screen. She has experience in both ends of the scientific and policy spectrum by working on core research in the field and through data management and analysis.

Elizabeth Steele-Collins

Project Leader, Citizen Scientist,
Data Validator

Elizabeth has lived on the Fleurieu Peninsula most of her life. Her affinity with its wildlife, particularly the Southern Right Whales, and her passion for their protection and preservation, is widely known. Elizabeth has made a study of whale behaviour since 2009. She started the first SRW catalogue for Encounter Bay and established the first whale ‘matches’ confirming the return of individual whales to Encounter Bay and other locations. Elizabeth was the driving force behind the establishment of an official whale research project for Encounter Bay and is a founding member of EBRWS.

Dr Nikki Zanardo

Senior Ranger Marine Parks,
Department for Environment and Water

Nikki is a marine biologist who specialises in cetacean ecology. She undertook her PhD with the Cetacean Ecology Behaviour and Evolution Lab at Flinders University, researching bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Adelaide. Since finishing her PhD in 2016, Nikki has worked as a marine park ranger for the state government. Nikki helped to implement, and now leads, the population monitoring surveys within the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary.

Guido J. Parra

Flinders University, School of Biological Sciences, PhD James Cook University

Guido is an Associate Professor at Flinders University leading the Cetacean Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution Lab (CEBEL). CEBEL is a multi-disciplinary group that works on both pure and applied research projects at the interface of animal behaviour, population ecology and evolutionary biology to understand cetacean populations. Since its establishment in 2010, CEBEL has grown into one of the leading and most productive groups of marine mammal research in Australia.