Connecting the community, scientists and managers for Southern Right Whale protection, conservation and education

The Encounter Bay Right Whale Study (EBRWS) is a citizen science program designed to address research priorities that will inform conservation management and protection of the local Southern Right Whales (SRW) by:

    • Maintaining a local Encounter Bay (EB) Photo-ID Catalogue.
    • Contributing data to national SRW Assessments.
    • Investigating abundance, residency, distribution and movements of SRW in the EB area.
    • Assessing the connectivity and movement of SRW from EB with other calving / aggregation areas across Southern Australia.

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2019 Encounter Bay Right Whale Study brochure.

If you think you have good identifying photos of a whale, please get in touch with the EBRWS team

Click on the image above to download the 2019 EBRWS brochure.